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hey. :)

August 16th, 2010 (01:28 pm)
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 well on tumblr i am doing a Pretty little liars roleplay thing, and i'm just wondering if any of you watch and have a tumblr and would be interested in joining. There are only a few characters left, well one, but if you want to be someone who's not on the list you can ask me. the tumblr role play url is: http://prettylittleliarsrp.tumblr.com

Some spots might be filled.  The bold ones are taken.

A - For this one you will need to once in a while post messages or posts about the girls secrets or something. Anything/Something A would do.

Aria Montgomery - taken by Me - http://ariamontgomeryrp.tumblr.com

Emily Fields - http://-emilyfields.tumblr.com/

Hanna Marin - http://hannamarinrp.tumblr.com/

Spencer Hastings - http://spencerhastingsrp.tumblr.com

Ezra Fitz -

Maya St. Germain -

Toby Cavanaugh - http://tobycavannaughrp.tumblr.com/

Mona Vanderwall -


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new pictures from glee S2 set.


whoamix [userpic]

work it kev. ;D

August 3rd, 2010 (10:27 pm)

whoamix [userpic]

LMFAO. And you thought will wasn't a creeper. :o

July 21st, 2010 (03:32 pm)

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